Cash For Clunker Glitches

The Lawmakers in the House and Senate are due for some well earned rest. Both bodies will be taking a month off in the very near future. Okay, while it’s not likely they earned anything, this adjournment really is a good thing.

If the Senators and Congressmen are not in session, they can’t screw with the economy, add taxes, impose further burdens and we don’t have to listen to them as often on the television.

One fairly large issue that just came up is the Cash for Clunkers program. Turns out that this massive spending rebate program is already out of money. Maybe. No one is really sure.

A number of lawmakers have said that the administration is struggling to count the number of deals that had been made under the program, to monitor the number of customers who have taken part, and to match that number to the money available.

According to Rep. Sander Levin, D-Royal Oak:

The administration is “going to have to make a best estimate,” Levin said. “There’s lots of glitches in this system.”

That’s not really that surprising, is it? When people hear there’s free money, they’re going to try to get some of the action. Never mind that the money didn’t just appear, but had to be taken first, in the form of taxes, its still seen as free.

There’s another massive handout spending program in the works too. Don’t forget about Government Run Healthcare that’s looming on the horizion. For some reason, that I simply don’t understand, a number of people think having the goverment offering health insurance is a Good Thing (TM).

Get Free* Money
Get Free* Money

The Cash for Clunkers program had an initial bill of $1 billion. Its already out of money. There’s a potential for another $2 billion to be spent on the program now.

Contrast that with the estimates you’ve heard for the government’s health care plan. That plan starts out in the trillions. Yes, trillion, with a T. If the government can’t even give a solid, workable estimate for a plan that only has $1 billion dollars attached to it, how can we expect that something with an order of magnitude more money will be even close?

What will Rep. Sander Levin have to say about the accounting for the health care plan? Something tells me that “There’s lots of glitches in this system.” will be far short of acceptable.