Encryption, Decryption, AES, PGP, Oh My!

Professor Stick talks AES
Professor Stick talks AES

Jeff Moser has an enlightened, and entertaining explanation of the Advanced Encryption Standard on his web site, Moserware. As Jeff describes the explanation, its a play in four acts. I had to exit the stage when the stick figure professor got into the heavy math, but it was a great lesson, none the less.

You can head on over to Jeff’s site to check it all out. In fact, I suggest reading it, even if you’re not really that into encryption standards and technology. Its a great primer.

Jeff also posted some sample files about how to use AES on GitHub, which got me thinking about an encryption / decryption article I wrote recently. For the PGP Decryption with C Sharp post I wrote, I created a handy sample application and a small library, both of which are available on this site today.

I haven’t really done anything with GitHub, despite its simplicity and audience. So today, after my AES education with Professor Stick, I decided to setup a GitHub account and share my PGP Encryption with C Sharp examples there too.


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