How I Undid Gawker’s Redesign Myself

I have been a Lifehacker and Gizmodo reader for many years. They were always in my RSS feed and I visited their sites many times a week. The daily visits to their site stopped recently after their site redesign.

After a few upset readers reacted they let us know that by going to instead of you could enjoy the old layout. You could scroll up and down and the entire page would scroll instead of just half of it which gave me a headache. I half jokingly commented that they should create a plugin to redirect all lifehacker links to blog.lifehacker links.

I decided to attempt creating a Google Chrome extension myself that redirects all links to the Gawker family of sites to their blog layout equivalents. After some reading tutorials and creating a Google Code project then learning JavaScript with help from some handy people at StackOverflow I was able to create a simple Google Chrome extension.

My Google Chrome Extension is called “undo-redesign” and can be found here:

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