Twitter Updates for 2009-03-17

  • Second dry suit class at SU tonight… I hope every one manages to stay dry! #scuba #
  • Hip pointer or bursitis – not sure. I know it hurts like hell though. #isthereadoctorinthehouse? #

E-voting, fraud and misinformation

Just came across a very interesting article by Dan Wallach about e-voting machines, policy and misinformation.

Here’s a quote from Dan that sets up his article pretty well:

At this point, the scientific evidence is in, it’s overwhelming, and it’s indisputable.  The current generation of DRE voting systems have a wide variety of dangerous security flaws.  There’s simply no justification for the vendors to be making excuses or otherwise downplaying the clear scientific consensus on the quality of their products.

As we’re push, pulled, tricked and forced into use electronic voting machines, these problems are going to become more and more prevalent. There is considerable money to be made in this area and as the voting public, we need to  demand open software, common sense security and a review process.

Comparing slot and voting machines
Comparing slot and voting machines

Contrast our current e-voting machines and systems with how the gambling industry tackles security. The gambling systems are open to inspection by a public agency. The state has access to all of the software and they hire people with the know-how to understand the software to review it.

It seems like the current market place and electorate would welcome an open (open source even) developer. The Open Voting Consortium seems to be leading the way, but the states don’t seem to be on board yet. You can be certain that the companies currently making the lackluster, insecure voting machines will fight the changes tooth and nail.

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-12

  • Watchin’ the game, drinkin’ a Bud. #
  • Out and about today. Strong wind and 28F. Feels like 10. Ugh. Where is spring? #
  • Looking forward to ‘Cuse vs UConn tonight. Maybe we could head to Sammy’s for this one. #

Polishing the Written Word

I’ve spent some time over the past week working with Danny Sichel who specializes in refactoring the written word.

If you need a second look at your fiction, your thesis, your application essay, your resume (or “résumé”, if you prefer)… your assignments, be they for middle school or grad school or anywhere in between… Danny will help you polish it until it shines, but is still recognizably yours.

The best way to get the help you need with your written work is to send Danny an email at dsichel at