Twitter Updates for 2009-03-07

  • Watching the SU game at PMP with the crew. #
  • – Scary hair on the ladies man. #
  • Enjoying an Irish beer after a good showing in th Tipp Hill Run. 4 miles in 40 min. #
  • Getting ready for the Tipp Hill Run. Four miles of hills! At least the weather is good for the run. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-05

  • Just finished a 5 mile coached interval run with Lance Armstrong via iTunes. Its a love/hate relationship. #
  • Heading over to Longbranch Park for some running. Five miles should make for a better day. #

BookMooch – a community for exchanging used books

BookMooch logo
BookMooch - Give Books, Get Books

About a year ago, I joined Book Mooch, a site dedicated to sharing books. Since I started,I’ve given away 54 books and I’ve received 14. I have a great feedback rating (+52) and its really a great community of people. If you’re sitting on a ton of books, and you’d really like some new ones, this is the place for you.

BookMooch is a community for exchanging used books.
BookMooch lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want.

  • Give & receive: Every time you give someone a book, you earn a point and can get any book you want from anyone else at BookMooch. Once you’ve read a book, you can keep it forever or put it back into BookMooch for someone else, as you wish.
  • No cost: there is no cost to join or use this web site: your only cost is mailing your books to others.
  • Points for entering books: you receive a tenth-of-a-point for every book you type into our system, and one point each time you give a book away. In order to keep receiving books, you need to give away at least one book for every three you receive.
  • Check it out when you get a chance.

    The Sound of Music

    Edward listening to kid's music
    Edward listening to his music

    Recently, Edward has decided that he really enjoys music. He’s learned how to use combination radio/CD player to listen to his favorite songs.

    His library of tunes is pretty small right now, but I think he’s on the right track. Today, he decided that he wanted to use some headphones while listening to his music.

    We just happened to have an old iPod sitting around, so I put a couple of his favorite CD’s on it for him. As you can see, he’s really enjoying the music. The headphones might not fit quite right, but I don’t think that matters.

    Notice to the RIAA / DRM Types: I own the CD’s that I ripped to MP3. No need to send a threatening letter trying to extort money.