Where there’s smoke …

I thought I should also add a funny story from the Memorial Day BBQ preparations.

I put the smoker together on Saturday, after returning from Bass Pro. It was a great day, so I sat outside, enjoying an adult beverage while I constructed the smoker. The instructions for the smoker indicated that you need to do a dry run, without and food in it before the first usage with food.

I neglected to pick up any charcoal on Saturday, so I left that task for Sunday. As it turns out, I also forgot to purchase lighter fluid to accompany the charcoal, and I kept putting that task off on Sunday. When I finally got everything ready to go, it was around 7 PM on Sunday evening.

I setup the smoker, lit the charcoal, filled the water basin, tossed in some wet wood for the “burn in” session.

I let the smoker go, mostly unattended, all night. By mostly unattended, I mean, I checked on it at 10:30 PM, and it looked fine, so I went to bed.

Monday morning, I was up early to get started. I knew that I would need to get things on track pretty quickly, in order to have everything done around noon.

I took the smoker apart, pulled out the nearly empty water basin and removed the charcoal pan. There was a bucket in the back yard with some weeds in it, waiting to go in the large paper bag that our community requires in order to pick up that sort of thing.

I figured that the charcoal dust and few remaining coals wouldn’t hurt anything, so I tossed them in the bucket with all the weeds and went about the other tasks required.

About an hour later, I needed something from the garage, and had to walk past the small bucket that I had dumped the charcoal in. That bucket in fully engulfed in flames and there was a lot of smoke coming of it as well.

Thankfully, the hose was right near by, so I was able to drench the flaming weeds and bucket without further incident. I grabbed a pair of gloves and walked the now soaking wet weeds and charcoal remmenants to the tree / weed line where I have a small hole for dog waste.

I proceeded to dump everything in there and it started to smolder again. I had to get a fairly large bucket of water to make sure the charcoal was completely done.

It certainly made the morning more interesting!

As I recounted the story to my wife, all she had to say was “Aww… you melted my weed bucket!”

Thanks dear. I’m fine. Really.