Cap-n-Trade is Dead – Hopefully

One of the best things I’ve read all day

Carbon rationing is dead on Capitol Hill. The Democratic leadership in the Senate has concluded that they cannot round up enough votes to pass a cap-and-trade carbon rationing bill that aims to cut the emissions of greenhouse gases …

Now that’s good news, but whenever you’re dealing with politicians, there’s always some bad news to go along with it.

… in the face of the catastrophic Gulf oil spill, congressional leaders feel that they must be seen as doing something about energy. And if that something provides members of Congress an opportunity to hand out federal pork to their friends, that’s a bonus.

The whole article is a worthwhile read, and I recommend it. The conclusion of the article is fantastic. Unfortunately, the politicians that need to understand the reality of forcing renewable energy aren’t likely to read it.

Ultimately, the top-down imposition of a renewable energy standard now being considered by Congress is a stupid and costly way to cut greenhouse gas emissions; will destroy more jobs than it creates; is just another wasteful subsidy showered on depopulating rural communities; will do nothing for the chimerical pursuit of energy independence; and will, in fact, increase energy prices to consumers.

Right on. Read the article, Forcing Consumers to Buy Renewable Energy at Reason Magazine.