One more time down the hole…

Right down the drain!
Right down the drain!

Not that long ago, I wrote about the trouble that my hosting provider had with a particularly vicious hack. Well, since then, things really don’t seem to be back to “normal”.

Normal, as in, things working like they used to. There were a number of permisson problems, cPanel didn’t really seem to work quite right, and it turns out, “full” backups weren’t working either.

Sometime yesterday, Hole in the Wall Hosting went down, and my sites, included, went with it. There has been very little communication from the folks at Hole in the Wall. In fact, over the past week, they’ve been fairly mum. Down right avoiding me, I think.

You know the saying;

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Well, I decided to take that advice to heart. We’re now using Lithium Hosting, and I hope we’re on to bigger and better things.

Here’s the kicker… Seeing how everything had come crashing down around me recently, I was making backups of the entire site every day. I was even moving those backup files to my home computer network. So when everything fell apart, I wasn’t too alarmed.

Until I decided to open up one of those full backups and found it was corrupted. Nonplused, I tried the previous day’s full backup. Corrupted. Turned out to be a trend. All of the full backups done with via cPanel were no good.

Thankfully, I had a manual backup of the file system and the databases from a few days earlier. So we’re back, we’re online… we’re missing some stuff (again), but at least the site is running again.