Going Old School

Old school typewriter
Old school typewriter

With all of the technology issues I’ve been fighting with lately, I’ve been thinking about going old school for my web site. Forget all of this fancy Web 2.0 crap, forget WordPress. Hell, forget about the interwebs all together.

I’m thinking that a paper based, aged news, product is the way to go. I think its time to get a fancy typewriter and start a weekly newsletter… Something like The Lone Gunman.

Think about the possibilities! I could get a duplicator and a paper folder and have a fancy folded newsletter.

Distribution would be a snap too. Just make a few hundred copies and drop them off at the library, coffee shops, bars, and what-not. What could be easier?

Once I hit it big, I could invest in a printing press, I’m sure there are a number of those available right now, with all the news organizations going out of business. I could probably even find some people to run the printing press for me.

Yeah… now we’re talkin’.

Just think about it. No more backups, web sites, tweets, links, comments, pings, track backs – sounds like simplicity to me!