We’re back!

Well… it took a few days, but we’re finally back online. Last week, someone decided to break into my hosting provider’s host and do some serious damage.

I don’t see anything “official” about it right now, so no links to it. I’ll update the post if I can find anything substantial.

Regardless, an important lesson is to backup your stuff, early and often, as they say. Thankfully, I had database backups from a week prior so I was able to save some of the content. I did not, however, have a backup of the file system.

I run WordPress on the site, so it wasn’t too difficult to get it setup again… though it did take a while to get all of the plug-ins and add-ons installed again. There’s something funny with all the permissions and process ownership right now, so that’s adding to the process.

My next goal is to get a comprehensive backup plan setup and automated. No sense in setting up a backup plan that I have to run manually… We all know how that goes.

More information as that plan comes online.